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Helping People Uncover their Best Selves

Goodwill of the Great Plains

"Mindy was an engaging keynote speaker who entertained our group with hilarious anecdotes of family life, all while teaching us the importance of addressing our emotional well-being and living a life full of gratitude."

Madeline B., SD

“From intention setting to heart math and the emotional guidance scale, Mindy shared many useful tools with our group on how to up our emotional intelligence game. Mindy was a great keynote speaker!”

Martha H., IA

“This will help so many people!!”

Tammie H., IA

“Mindy was our keynote speaker and she did such an amazing job! She was real and gave practical tips and insights that met people right where they were at in their personal journey. Oustanding speaker who engaged the audience. Highly recommend!"

Allison M., IA

"She was incredibly engaging and relatable! It was evident that she cares very much about empowering others to live their best lives!"

Audrey F., IA

“Mindy has a knack for educating and providing important insight into how to find and be your best self!"

Featured In

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"Emotional Intelligence and the Power of Gratitude: Keys to a Fulfilling Life"


Emotional Intelligence and gratitude have both been proven to be instrumental in living a successful and happy life. In this interactive keynote, we will explore the transformative impact of emotional intelligence and gratitude on both personal and professional development. Together, we will delve into the critical importance of understanding and managing our emotions, as well as the profound effects of cultivating a grateful mindset.



  • A deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and its components.

  • Practical strategies to enhance your EI and incorporate gratitude into your life.

  • Insights into the benefits of these practices for personal well-being and professional success.

  • Tools to build stronger relationships, manage stress, and navigate challenges with resilience and empathy.

"You Are Enough"

We all lack that feeling of "enough-ness" from time to time. Some of us, more often than others. In my keynote, "You Are Enough," I dig into how our best selves are already within us - we just need to pull back the layers of doubt and disbelief. These beliefs that we've formed from our experiences in the world - things people have told us about ourselves that we've accepted as truth. Once we peel back all the "junk" we'll discover our true selves were there the whole time. 

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"Getting Out of Your Own Way"

Everyone has goals and aspirations - big and small. Unfortunately, everyone also experiences bouts of self sabotage blocking them from reaching their goals and living their best lives. In this talk, I'll discuss not only why this happens, but more importantly how you can identify the ways you're blocking your own success and how to overcome it and start "getting out of your own way." 

"Living Authentically"

It's time to listen to your inner voice and live your most authentic life. This presentation will help guide you on the journey of trusting your intuition, connecting to your true self and living more intentionally. The lessons will show you how being authentic can lead to more happiness, meaning and success in all areas of your life. Turn down the noise and turn up your self-awareness with these simple yet powerful insights.

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I am recommending Holistic Nutrition Coach, Mindy Duff as a potential program – the two times she has been here at the Clear Lake Public Library she has been well received by our patrons. Mindy answered audience questions easily. She has personal real life examples from her own family that help make greater points  to the audience. ~ Aaron Ruggles

M. R., MOPS Leader

Mindy did a fabulous job touching on the 8 areas of self-care and gave examples to make everything easily applied to our busy lives. We would highly recommend her for speaking events - 5 stars from us!


(Your seminar) resonated with me in so many ways! The tapping exercise was incredibly effective and is something I'm going to use often. Thank you again!"


Mindy spent most of her life living under the pressure of other people’s expectations leading her to a live an unfulfilling life. She went day-to-day watching other people live out their best life but couldn’t seem to make the best happen in hers.


However, deep down she knew there was something more to life if she only learned how to get it.  Deciding to lean into hope, rather than settling, Mindy took a chance and started investing in her mindset and found that all she’s ever wanted was already inside of her, she just needed to know where to look.


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