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Books Co-Authored by Mindy

Using the written word to uplift and inspire

Motherhood Diaries: 11 Moms on Self Love, Illuminating Moms, Our Children and The Planet at Large 

Co-Authored by Mindy Duff and 10 other amazing women, this book is geared towards supporting and up-lifting mothers at all stages of motherhood. Each chapter tells a different story from a different perspective - like "Chicken Soup for the Soul" but for moms!


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Becoming a mother is one of the biggest transitions a woman will face in her lifetime. As she births new life, she also births a whole new identity. In rediscovering who she is, she often loses herself completely in the service of others. This can leave mothers feeling lost, alone and overwhelmed.

Motherhood Diaries inspires mothers everywhere to beautifully serve themselves just as they serve others. It reminds moms that self-love is as vital as the oxygen they breathe, is the gateway to their inner brilliance and the biggest gift they can give their children. It will empower mothers to make self-love a priority, so that they are much more able to navigate the beautiful and messy journey of motherhood.

Mothers, whether expecting, new, or seasoned want to be the best possible mother, raising incredible human beings that make a positive difference in the world. This book inspires mothers to raise their children to be their brightest light in this world, by being that themselves.

In Motherhood Diaries, mothers will learn practical strategies for:
- implementing self-love practices and affirmations into busy mom life
- showing themselves compassion, becoming more present, resilient and connected within
- loving and accepting all the healed and unhealed parts of themselves
- surrendering in faith over fear to become a magnet for miracles

Eleven mothers share their powerful stories of how they turned their pain into purpose and broke open to their own light through learning to love and care for themselves. In serving from a place of completion rather than depletion, these mothers have become a force of deep love, peace, joy and compassion. It is their deepest hope that in sharing their truth, mothers will find their way back home to their own.

A message for mothers:

"You are beautiful and complete, just as you are. You are already doing an incredible job as you are innately led by love. Remember that no matter how sleep-deprived, messy, or challenging things may seem, the pure LOVE that exists in your heart is the compass to your soul. As you connect more deeply to your inner voice, it will guide you at every turn. It will give you the answers you need to navigate the adventure of motherhood."

Find Your Wings

Find Your Wings consists of twenty authors’ Inspirational Stories to help you Uncover Your Calling, Live Your Ultimate Purpose and Share Your Light with the World. Whether you’re facing an empty nest, lost in the role of ‘Mom’, unfulfilled in a current career, or feeling like you’re meant for more in this life - this book will guide, empower, and uplift you to live a life truly aligned with your SOUL (and in doing so, become an inspiration for your loved ones to do the same!). Foreword by Ainslie MacLeod, World Renowned Past Life Psychic and Guest of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations.


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