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January 20th, 2024

In-person, all-day retreat, designed to aid participants in reconnecting to self and recharging their internal batteries. 

Retreat will be held at Water's Edge Nature Center in Algona, Iowa. 

Snacks will be provided and there will be an option to purchase lunch (details provided at a later date). 


Participant hosts:

  • Mindy Duff, host of podcast "Up-Level Your Life with Mindy," Speaker, Holistic Health coach and International Best-Selling Author
  • Amber Weydert, Firefly Yoga founder
  • Jennifer Juel, Soul Evolution Coach, Author, Speaker, Metaphysical Practitioner


“Your job is to fill your own cup, so it overflows. Then you can serve others, joyfully, from your saucer.”

~ Lisa Nichols


Life is busy. Hectic. Chaotic. We’re constantly going from one activity to another, being sold a message from the media that we aren’t good enough (until we purchase the latest products), and running on empty.


When was the last time you took a day to connect with yourself?


Not just a fun day at the salon, or shopping with a friend - but a day to CONNECT with yourself?


To explore what your needs are and then honor them?


To give yourself space to heal past hurts.


To joyfully craft a vision of your future that you are excited to live out?


The quote shared above is absolutely correct - when we are filling our own cups and honoring our own needs, we are going to JOYFULLY serve others.


Not begrudgingly serve others.


Not serve others out of obligation (which leads to resentment).




Imagine a world where we all take the time to LISTEN to what our bodies are telling us - to HEAL past hurts - to spend time doing what LIGHTS US UP!


We lovingly invite you to spend a day with us to do just that - “Reconnect & Recharge.”


At the completion of this event, you will feel LIGHTER, more LOVING - towards yourself and others, and re-discover a love for life and those in it.


What’s included:

  • Restorative Yoga - with poses for ALL ability levels designed to reconnect to the body
  • Sound Bath - create a space to invoke deep healing and relaxation
  • Inspirational Presentation "Connecting to Yourself" with a focus on deep meditation and Heart Math™
  • Plus, time for meditation and journaling in a peaceful, nature setting



*NOTE: This is an IN-PERSON event - registration required

Reconnect & Recharge Retreat

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