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A group coaching program (think small intimate group where we'll focus on raising your vibe to up-level your life)!


This is for you if:

✨ You're ready to live up to your potential

✨ You'd like to improve your life in ANY area (health, career, relationships, etc.)

✨ You have that gnawing feeling that you're meant for something more

✨ Life is good, but not great - something feels like it's missing

✨ You catch yourself trying to "fill the void" with various distractions (social media, alcohol, shopping, - even self-help info)


What you'll get:

✨ A highly personalized approach, tailored to you and your needs

✨ A deeper connection to yourself

✨ More peace - less anxiety

✨ A better understanding of who you are and what your needs are

✨ An understanding of how to find the right path for YOU (without needing to consult friends, family, experts, etc.)



Program consists of bi-weekly calls and bonus healing sessions each month, plus, access to the "Up-Level Your Life" daily journal and other resources. 


*PROGRAM IS 3 MONTHS OF COACHING - $333/mo. for 3 months (or $999 total). 



(You will be invoiced $333 at the start of month two and three). 

If you know you're a YES!!! Simply add to cart!


If you'd like to learn more & chat with Mindy to see if this program is right for you, fill out this brief form and she will get in touch with you!


I'd like to chat with Mindy before I decide.

Up-Level Your Life Group Coaching

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